Jared Marks (1991, Los Angeles) and Mara Ploscaru (1987, Baia Mare, RO) are Berlin-based multidisciplinary artists whose work spans video, sculpture, installation and performance. With backgrounds in visual arts and dance, respectively, they blend their knowledges to morph between mediums. Their practice addresses conceptual utopias and playful correlations across various fields: technology, ecology, philosophy, pop culture and sci- fi. Ploscaru and Marks’ work is inspired by juxtaposing antithetic elements and the mechanisms that shape our existence within the world today.

Group Exhibitions

Always a dreamer, but testing the water, Abrir Galeria, Lima/Online
Intervals of Attention, Bucharest/Online
Probabilities Around the Center, Bucharest/Online

Gesturing Towards Solitude, Halucinarium, Bucharest
Precarious Immersion, Bucharest
Born Tomorrow, 029 Gallery, Berlin