Group Chat, 2020
Video, 7:58

“Hello?” It’s your microbes calling.

Reflecting on our distanced times and inspired by their research in microbiology, MarksMara uses microscopic footage as medium for a wide array of content, ranging from poetry to sci-fi, from tweets to critical theory. Using the familiar format of a teleconference, the fragmented and disrupted conversation between micro-characters mirrors equally and increasingly incohesive discourse on the macro scale. An online rehearsal of the world-renowned coro microbico virtuale rounds off the session. Maybe it’s about time we updated our Contacts to include the microbial others - the ones who co-constitute “us” and have rendered the notion of individuality obsolete.

With the voices of Jules Boutet, Ariel Cohen, Michelle Cheung, Elif Demiroglu, Maja Kleemann, Alix Laing, Nik Mantilla, Jared Marks, Mara Ploscaru, Elly Pugh, Cosmin Tapu

Footage: Journey to the Microcosm, Jam's Germs

Music: The Legend of Zelda, Steve Reich

Sound mastering: Beste Aydin