Habitual Ritual, 2019
4-channel sound and 2-channel video installation, 3:53 (loop) and 1:25 (loop)

Like the lifespan of a cicada, automatronic larva lay beneath the grid in waiting. But at night, their ghostly cries and haunting wails fill the garden, electromagnetic waves made sonic. Throwing light produces only shadows and we circle, encircling only ourselves.

The soundtrack features original content combined with excerpts of the following references: Grace Jones “Corporate Cannibal”, Jane Barton and Edward Lancaster “It’s a Fine Day”, Britney Spears “Everytime”, Aaliyah “Rock the Boat”, John Cage “Memory Imprint” quote, Ursula Le Guin “Listening to the Unheard Voices” quote, Mark Fisher “The slow cancellation of the future”, J.G. Ballard “The Atrocity Exhibition”, Jacques Derrida “The Specters of Marx”

Sound recording and mastering: Beste Aydin